Why Conserve Open Space?

There are countless intangible benefits to having open space: serenity, peace of mind, relaxation, a sense of doing what’s right. But there are also important benefits that can be more easily calculated.

Economic Development. Areas that balance natural space with neighborhoods and commercial areas are desirable places to live. A strong quality of life, including broad recreational opportunities, is an important factor in recruiting top talent for the area’s major employers.

Healthier environment. The old adage of heading out to the country for fresh air remains as true today as ever. Natural areas serve as both a filter for pollution and a welcome opportunity for healthy hikes, cross-country skiing and other outdoor activities.

Protecting biodiversity. Conserving open space in the North Country is an excellent way to Think Globally, Act Locally. While our region is not as biologically diverse as an equatorial rainforest, there are threatened species in the area, including the Karner Blue Butterfly. Natural areas also offer local schools countless opportunities to bring learning outside the classroom, enriching students as they study amid the great outdoors.

Tax benefit for landowners. By donating a gift of your land to the QLC, or donating a conservation easement for the property, you can qualify for certain tax benefits, reducing your immediate tax bill and cutting your property taxes for future years. Speak with a tax advisor for the specific impact on your taxes, or contact QLC to learn more about the potential tax savings.

If you are considering donating your land for open space, contact QLC for an initial, confidential discussion. We can discuss your options with no obligations. Call us at 518-418-LAND (5263) or e-mail us with the form below: